Words & Phrases That Need to Die

In which I do a snatch of etymological spring cleaning Welcome back to the quarantine club, all. As the current, possibly false, warm spell increasingly causes us to actually take note of the outside world, we may find—at least I have—that a bit of spring cleaning is in order. Which I think goes especially forContinue reading “Words & Phrases That Need to Die”

‘Breakfast’ Epiphanies

In which I poke at a kooky classic With all this extra time on my hands lately, I figure I might as well get as much of a cinephile’s education as Netflix will allow. Leading me, the other night, to watch the 1961 Blake Edwards-directed Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Based on Harper Lee’s best work. JustContinue reading “‘Breakfast’ Epiphanies”

Life During COVID-19

In which a global health crisis is explained by the lyrics of Talking Heads Every so often there is an event which inspires worldwide dread. (By ‘worldwide’ I really mean that the dread which exists constantly in less developed portions of the world is acknowledged by the developed West, and especially the United States, whichContinue reading “Life During COVID-19”

Not Like Other Girls

In which I join in the killing of a trope Happy March, all! It’s been a couple weeks. I’d intended to acknowledge Leap Day in any number of ways (insert Pirates of Penzance reference); but Nature had other plans, namely laying me up in bed with a cold. Now that I’m back up and running,Continue reading “Not Like Other Girls”

Cathedral, Karneval, Köln

In which I contemplate a schism My time as a Berliner has given me to understand that Berlin is no more Germany than London is England. This past Friday and Saturday proved it. Or so I expected. What I found upon arriving was not a staunchly German counterpart to the capital city on the oppositeContinue reading “Cathedral, Karneval, Köln”

Lit Review: BUNNY

In which I depart from my usual genres *WARNING: SPOILERS* “Bunny, I love you.“ “I love YOU, Bunny.“ There’s something about rabbits. Looks-wise, they are among the more innocent of woodland creatures, and that innocence contains a quality which can easily be framed in a frightening context. It has also been sexualized in at leastContinue reading “Lit Review: BUNNY”

The Beatles Play Ed Sullivan

In which I look back to possibly the biggest Sunday 9 February in history On Friday 7 February 1964, everyone’s favorite quartet landed at JFK to famously deafening support. Two days later, they made their live American television debut on The Ed Sullivan Show. Equally deafening, but not because of the music. This was allContinue reading “The Beatles Play Ed Sullivan”


In which I assess a new take on an old favorite *WARNING: SPOILERS (PLOT-WISE AND PRODUCTION-WISE)* Yesterday, a rainy Sunday afternoon, I had the long-awaited privilege to see Greta Gerwig’s Little Women. And it warmed my heart in all kinds of ways. (Not least of which was thanks to a rich, coppery color scheme againstContinue reading “Film Review: LITTLE WOMEN”

Liverpool, Remembered

In which I reminisce on one of the places I’ll remember all my life (though some have changed) A year ago I made a pilgrimage up from London, where I was living at the time, to the holy musical mecca that is Liverpool. This was a pilgrimage in the truest sense. Spiritual fulfillment for aContinue reading “Liverpool, Remembered”

And Then There *Was* None

In which I defend (what I perceive to be) a misused contraction Contemporary English is known for its contractions and portmanteaux (oh, and theft). As the language has developed and spread, these shortenings—much like the shortening in a recipe—have been transformed to serve many different purposes. One is so commonly abused, however, that it’s hardlyContinue reading “And Then There *Was* None”