don’t be mean to ice spice

Or, room to grow I saw Ice Spice’s musical guest spot on the opening episode of the new season of SNL, and, contrary to what seems to be popular consensus, I don’t think the problem is her. Let me say right off that, concerning Gen Z music, I am thus far a bigger fan of theContinue reading “don’t be mean to ice spice”

Who #4: La La La Songs

In which I do a lot of air-drumming You know how any given McCartney composition has little cues and clues that let you know it’s a McCartney? I guess those tend to be musical more than lyrical. Anyway, in a like manner, Pete Townshend has a collection of what I call ‘la la la songs,’Continue reading “Who #4: La La La Songs”

Airport Postscript

“‘I am not a great sleeper, and I loathe airports.’” : John Dwyer, as told to my friend the brilliant writer Elle Carroll I have a somewhat significant visual impairment, but I never feel so blind as in airports. Signs upon signs upon signs, lighting that usually skews too bright, queues that run together, peopleContinue reading “Airport Postscript”

Who Albums as FRIENDS Episodes

Or, too much of anything The weekend after the concert, as I rapturously recounted it to a friend over brunch, she asked, “Did they do the big one? The one with the teenage wasteland?” Yes, they did. And, I thought, that’s exactly what the song, indeed the entire album, would be called if it wereContinue reading “Who Albums as FRIENDS Episodes”


Or, vintage Miley Writing about one of the most famous stutters in music reminded me of my personal favorite stutter, delivered by Miley Cyrus on the infectious chorus of 2007’s “See You Again.” She was fourteen, and the album whence it came, called Meet Miley Cyrus, seemed intended to give her some genre space fromContinue reading “THE LAST TIME I FREAKED OUT”

Un viaggio a Milano

In which I give my airport city its turn I have flown into Milan three times now, and the third time I stayed. Granted, all of four days. But four days that went quite a ways toward a sense of the spirit of the city and the people who spend any kind of time there.Continue reading “Un viaggio a Milano”

Who #3: why don’t you all ffffffff

“we live in a generation where a generation we live in a generation lives in a generation we live in but y’all ain’t ready to have that conversation” : Lil Nas X What is a generation? This is not a question I asked myself while listening to “My Generation,” because I was busy wondering ifContinue reading “Who #3: why don’t you all ffffffff”

Who #2: We’re off to see the Wizard

The Pinball Wizard of, uh, Portsmouth! Today I’m here to talk about Elton John singing “Pinball Wizard” in Ken Russell’s 1975 film adaptation of Tommy. This bit must have taken some extra special directing, because… *gesticulates to everything* Side note right off: the more I have learned about Russell and his influences, the more IContinue reading “Who #2: We’re off to see the Wizard”

Who #1: “You lot don’t sound bad at all!”

Or, a listy (listless?) review of a great show That is, if I recall correctly, exactly what Roger Daltrey says to us a few songs into the set. I am putting it on my CV, thank you very much. For a singer, Roger is not a talker. Probably healthy, and one of many things IContinue reading “Who #1: “You lot don’t sound bad at all!””

The what, the where, the when, & the why

…but most of all, the who! This story begins with a new listening cycle that started in late January or early February. It reached a milestone in late June, with a concert. I can see by now that it has no end. I guess I wasn’t ready for the Who until now. I have manyContinue reading “The what, the where, the when, & the why”