It’s Poetry Month…

In which I remind you to spend some time at rhyme and verse

…as established by the Academy of American Poets in April 1996. Quarter-century, baby!

It’s also Easter weekend, hence this tidbit from the vault of a respected multi-hyphenate forebear.

So make room for a poem or several in the next twenty-eight days—they don’t take long, and you’ve definitely got the time.

Image: cartoon by David Rowles, 2019

Published by Cecilia Gigliotti

Cecilia Gigliotti is a freelance writer-editor-musician based in Berlin, Germany, with a beloved ukulele named Uke Skywalker. Her free time goes toward dancing, reading books new and old, drawing cartoons, trying to finish her Netflix queue, and devoting too much thought to the foibles of her artist-heroes. Connect with her on Twitter (@CeciliaGelato), Instagram (@c_m_giglio), and YouTube (Lia Lio).

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