An Update

In which I, um, update you

Hey all. I’m low on energy this week tbh—Berlin is in the middle of a heat wave—so while I get other stuff together I thought I’d link you to the latest episode of the pod. Recording-wise, we’ve reached our halfway point, a couple weeks ahead of release schedule, and I’m pretty thrilled at how it’s going.

(You know the ‘how it started/how it’s going’ meme? To quote another meme, they’re the same picture.)

So if there is also a heat wave where you live, take a load off and have a listen. And even if you don’t tune in right away, check back in a month from now. I already predict losing my mind a little on at least one of those episodes.

Keep an eye out next week for special Pride content!


Update within an update: Reason is our newest platform!

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