New List = new ep!

In which I (and not only I) comment on a certain, famous, now revamped list

A music lover’s work is never done, is it?

After wrapping season 1 of Pod Sounds, I’d planned simply to map out and slowly but surely execute season 2. And then the New List dropped.

That’s right, kids: Rolling Stone, having tackled a refresh of its 500 Greatest Albums list last September, decided on a refreshed 500 Greatest Songs for this year’s project.

According to the editors, the new ranking was created ‘from scratch,’ although plenty of entries seem to have remained at least in the ballpark of where they were in 2004. I’m unsure if any have retained their exact original spots, because I did not have the energy to comb the whole thing.

I did have the energy to note that one (anti-) love song which may or may not have Turned My World Upside Down(TM) in recent memory has jumped fourteen (14) spots to nearly crack the Top 10. Yes indeed, The Beach Boys’ own “God Only Knows,” previously rounding out the top twentieth at #25, now sits pretty at #11!

Truly I cannot express how elated I was to read this; I danced around the room. In light of my and my co-host’s entrance into the podverse, it felt like a personal win.

And even if it had nothing to do with us (I mean, unlikely but whatever), you know we had to mark the occasion with a special episode.

So enjoy our RS-adjacent ruminations, and hang tight while we get season 2 off the ground!

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