I’m movin’ out!

Or, good luck movin’ up

Among other recent life changes, most of which have been for the better, I’m in the process of moving from more central Berlin to more woods- and lake-adjacent Berlin. I’ll miss my current neighborhood, to be sure, but I’m looking forward to spending the warmer months closer to nature.

Packing gets a little harder with each move, despite my consistently renewed rule not to acquire too much stuff (and it isn’t even that much stuff, just more than I can transport by myself in one trip). In any event, here are some thoughts I had while re-organizing my life in material possessions.

  • I knew I had more ibuprofen somewhere! Didn’t need to buy that extra pack for a whopping €4 after all. But now I’ll carry some in my purse and be the one in the group who comes to the rescue in time of need.
  • This will be the drugs bag. More supplements than drugs, really, but they’re all going in one place now that I’ve gathered them all.
  • I officially have enough bags to fill one bag with the other bags. Is this the bourgeoisie?
  • Finally, a purpose for the giant empty Twizzler box (don’t ask)—to hold all my cards/letters/programs/ticket stubs from the past 2.5 years! Oh man, the memories.
  • I guess I should stop by that coffeeshop a few streets over that I’ve been calling “this coffeeshop I really like” and have only been to once. For old times’ sake.*
  • How fortunate was I to inherit this set of wooden hangers from a previously departed friend? With the rod for pants and skirts. That’s right, baby, the works. I’m hanging on to these like my life depends on them. Good hangers, it turns out, are very hard to find.
  • When in doubt, one more strip of masking tape.
  • I’ve never had to sit on a suitcase to get it to close. It seems my real life still has not yet turned into a full-on musical.
  • If the Great Donation to Ukraine had started up 72 hours earlier, my bag of clothes and books could have gone there. Ah well. That’s what I get for being ahead of the times. The charity I gave it to may well be arranging its own drive anyway.
  • Does this container have a lid???

<24 hours to go—wish me luck!

*Update: I did go, and ordered a peppermint mocha. Really old times’ sake. Like 2011’s sake.

Image: taken on the valedictory neighborhood walk

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