I’ve moved to Substack!

Or, an announcement After 200 posts (!), I decided it was time to move the blog over to Substack. It’s all the same stuff for free, but there will be other content available to paying subscribers, including access to the full archives here and semi-regular dives that are somehow even deeper than what I normallyContinue reading “I’ve moved to Substack!”

An exciting new project…

In which I unveil another (ad)venture It’s been a little while in the works—really just a couple months—and now I get to announce that I am one-half of a brand-new podcast! (Possibly the only podcast dedicated solely to The Beach Boys??) In this limited series the Connecticut Half-Wit and I dissect the classic album PetContinue reading “An exciting new project…”

Nota Bene (On the Title)

In which I introduce myself and explain the forthcoming venture This blog will not begin with me. That honor belongs to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart’s comic opera Così fan tutte follows two sisters’ madcap scheme to—what else?—marry their men of choice. The Italian libretto, written by longtime collaborator Lorenzo da Ponte (who *FUN FACT* livedContinue reading “Nota Bene (On the Title)”