Introverts & Extroverts

Advertisements Or, a soapbox Well, not exactly; ‘soapbox’ suggests an energy that I don’t have at the moment. But I’ll do my best. *clears throat* Hear ye, hear ye, people of the internet. I would like to join the chorus of voices imploring us to collectively adjust our assessment of the differences between introversion and extroversion.Continue reading “Introverts & Extroverts”

Who is Hot Girl?

Advertisements In which I strike up a new friendship with myself I conducted a workshop last month where I guided a series of short writing sessions with a corresponding series of prompts. One great thing about the work I do (paid and unpaid) is that it allows me to exercise the lessons I learn fromContinue reading “Who is Hot Girl?”

On Persona

Advertisements Or, how much do we really know—and show—one another? In the latest installment of Unresearched Musings—yes I am accepting sponsors to keep the series running—I’m mulling over the performance of personality, both large-scale (celebrity) and small-scale (everyday ‘ordinary’ interaction). We are not consistent, immutable beings. Even armed with the list of attributes (voluntary andContinue reading “On Persona”

On Taste & Its Influences

Advertisements In which I shop genealogy Recently I got way too worked up (as usual) over music (as usual). Or, not so much the music itself as the reason behind its place in my life. I was wondering about the way I’d come to appreciate certain genres and artists and whether it would have workedContinue reading “On Taste & Its Influences”

On Writing (About Other People)

Advertisements In which there will be hot takes Hi all. This week I wanted to do another post about the act of writing, since I haven’t done one in a while, and since I’ve written much nonfiction in the past couple years even beyond what I do here. Moving to Berlin marked a shift inContinue reading “On Writing (About Other People)”


Advertisements A eulogy I will not get to give, except here My uncle, aged sixty-five as of just recently, died earlier this week from a cancer which tends to be detected in its advanced stages. It came on quickly and ended quickly. He was the eldest of three brothers (my dad being the middle) andContinue reading “Translation”

All Along the Gender Spectrum

Advertisements In which I chart the self Monday was National Coming Out Day in my home country. I have no specific coming out to do, but I thought I would reflect on how my understanding of myself has evolved especially over the past few years. I’ve always identified as female, and while I don’t necessarilyContinue reading “All Along the Gender Spectrum”

New Fears from Pandemic Me

Advertisements Or, a year and a half in mini-phobias I realized I ought to counterbalance the habits list, because these eighteen months haven’t been all new quirks and self-improvement and bleak jokes about the End Times. Here are some things I’ve developed irrational, or maybe rational, aversions to—some of which are really just the habits’Continue reading “New Fears from Pandemic Me”

New Habits from Pandemic Me

Advertisements Or, a year and a half in additions, subtractions, and alterations Sending messages just to say hi when I think of people, with no expectation of a reply Writing things down immediately when they cross my mind, meaning there are post-its all over my room & I sometimes wake up to a Notes appContinue reading “New Habits from Pandemic Me”

I Feel Fine (Or Not)

Advertisements In which I pull apart a Weltanschauung *CW: suicide ideation* German coming along, is it? LOL I learned that word years ago from The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Good weekend, all. This is not a Beatles post; sorry to anyone who may feel misled. Today I’m wondering whether, or when, to sayContinue reading “I Feel Fine (Or Not)”

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