The Greeters

A poem You’d think everybody’s eyes would be fixed up here, so far above the cataracts. But these two kids look just like they used to, and nobody calls them four eyes— they’re the cool ones who left the party early, before you could corner one of them and say hey, how does it feelContinue reading “The Greeters”

Warren Beatty Reacts to “You’re So Vain” (A McSweeney’s Castoff)

In which I house a homeless monologue Here follows a piece which was rejected by not one but TWO online humor mags, one being the illustrious McSweeney’s Internet Tendency of Boston. Given the double distinction, I felt it merited self-publication. It is, I think, no meaner than the song. • It was a yacht party,Continue reading “Warren Beatty Reacts to “You’re So Vain” (A McSweeney’s Castoff)”