A Summer So Long

As a seed in the bright-colored street I am saying so long

To the I know of nothing, the nothing that knows not of me.

On a high cushioned wingtip my bondage was loosed with a song

Of seduction to come, a provoking, profane melody;

The lean languid lusting of aimlessness, sloth, and despair,

The wandering torment of roads I have too often trod—

Surrender, surrender to city, to crisp, crowded air,

Pave me a new path, clothe me as I have never been shod.

O city of walls! Of markets and marked cobblestones!

Shall I feel my whole destiny thrust upon me where I stand?

Shall I enter your palaces, prostrate myself at your thrones?

Shall I not be delivered from out of my enemy’s hand?

My descent I passed singing, as whispering leaves to the ground;

I must blossom anew in your soil, in the home I have found.

19 August 2019

Published by Cecilia Gigliotti

Cecilia Gigliotti (she/her) lives in Berlin with a beloved ukulele named Uke Skywalker. She co-hosts and produces the music commentary podcast POD SOUNDS. Her free time goes toward dancing, reading books new and old, drawing cartoons, taking city walks, and devoting too much thought to the foibles of her heroes. Connect with her on Instagram (@c_m_giglio, @ceciliagphotography, @pod_sounds_podcast) and see what else she's up to (linktr.ee/ceciliagigliotti).

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