Clouds Over Troy

Central Courtyard, University of Southern California.

this is hallowed knowledge:


the shadow of the movement

of heavenly bodies

in the cool dry air—


June gloom come early—



where no sun shines,

the torch of kings

to guide the steps of coming plebeians—


sustenance for the humblest soul,

no more native than the palm tree,

no less hungry to stretch limbs upward into Western light

and roots down into pacific earth

21 May 2018

Image: taken by the author the day before composing the poem, in the courtyard overlooking Doheny Library

Published by Cecilia Gigliotti

Cecilia Gigliotti (she/her) lives in Berlin with a beloved ukulele named Uke Skywalker. She co-hosts and produces the music commentary podcast POD SOUNDS. Her free time goes toward dancing, reading books new and old, drawing cartoons, taking city walks, and devoting too much thought to the foibles of her heroes. Connect with her on Instagram (@c_m_giglio, @ceciliagphotography, @pod_sounds_podcast) and see what else she's up to (

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