Lit Review(ish): WHO IS MAUD DIXON?

In which I do a rough courtroom sketch This won’t be a full review, as I’ve written for other, similar novels like Bunny and The Girls; I’m saving that for an Actual Publication I’ve spent some months trying to battering-ram my way into. (If I succeed, you’ll know.) But I can’t not comment here onContinue reading “Lit Review(ish): WHO IS MAUD DIXON?”


Or, won’t you come see me, Queen Jane? *WARNING: SPOILERS* I’d heard quite a bit about Casey McQuiston’s new novel, including an interview with McQuiston herself, by the time a college friend cosplayed on Instagram as pragmatic heroine (or heroic pragmatist) August Landry. Her personal endorsement tipped the scales from Hopeful Read into Must Read.Continue reading “Lit Review: ONE LAST STOP”

Lit Review: POP SONG

In which I jump on a brand-new book! “No one could have predicted Gigliotti would be drawn to a title like this,” alien scholars at the inter-terrestrial conference will quip years later, eliciting a chuckle from the panel crowd, after humanity is gone and the only remains of literature are this blog and a beat-upContinue reading “Lit Review: POP SONG”

5 Times I Related Way Too Hard to Elton John’s ME

In which I say “oh God same” *CW: addiction* Last weekend I listened to Elton John’s recent autobiography on Audible, read in alternating chapters by the man himself and Taron Egerton, who played him in Rocketman. And let me tell you: you do not need to have had a sixteen-year cocaine habit to find somethingContinue reading “5 Times I Related Way Too Hard to Elton John’s ME”

A #PoetryMonth Plug

In which I do a touch of self-promotion Well, it isn’t all promotion of the self! It’s a (pretty) early glimpse of an anthology of poems by contemporary women writers from around the world, published by the very industrious team at Moon Tide Press. I just so happen to be featured with a poem titledContinue reading “A #PoetryMonth Plug”


In which I do just that *CW: addiction* This is a story of the tightest rhythm section ever. And possibly the most successful married pop act ever. One of them is French Catholic, which I get; the other is from Kentucky and spent his youth in the KY/OH/western-PA area, which I get. Their joint lifeContinue reading “Lit Review: REMAIN IN LOVE”

Lit Review: BUNNY

In which I depart from my usual genres *WARNING: SPOILERS* “Bunny, I love you.“ “I love YOU, Bunny.“ There’s something about rabbits. Looks-wise, they are among the more innocent of woodland creatures, and that innocence contains a quality which can easily be framed in a frightening context. It has also been sexualized in at leastContinue reading “Lit Review: BUNNY”


In which I assess one of the most fascinating reads of 2019 *WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS* Over the summer, a grad school friend and longtime fan of Taylor Jenkins Reid suggested I read the author’s newest novel. Reid, she waxed, had made a name for herself evoking specific time periods and environments and creating dynamic charactersContinue reading “Lit Review: DAISY JONES & THE SIX”