Advertisements Or, Sally Rooney part II As promised, I got around to Sally Rooney’s debut novel, 2017’s Conversations with Friends. I did enjoy it more than Normal People. For one thing, the title was a bit less misleading: Normal People sounds like it should be about people in their forties, and in fact the actionContinue reading “Lit Review: CONVERSATIONS WITH FRIENDS”

Film Review: DON’T LOOK UP

Advertisements Or, an encapsulation *WARNING: SPOILERS* I went into Netflix’s Don’t Look Up expecting to be made very angry. I knew what it was about, and I knew what it was meant to represent. Instead, as I watched, I experienced a mix of déjà vu and deep fatigue. This was an only slightly factionalized versionContinue reading “Film Review: DON’T LOOK UP”

Notes on Experimental Warehouse Music

Advertisements In which I venture out alone in the dark The other night I attended a performance by an international chamber group in a warehouse, complete with light installation and spaced-out seating. One of those true Artsy Events you would expect to encounter in an Artsy City. And boy was I not let down. InContinue reading “Notes on Experimental Warehouse Music”

Tiny Lit Review: NORMAL PEOPLE

Advertisements In which I review a book that I anticipated having more than one paragraph to say about Friends, I was not a fan. I thought I was going to like it, in fact didn’t really prepare for the eventuality that I would not, so this put me at a loss. I often found SallyContinue reading “Tiny Lit Review: NORMAL PEOPLE”

Lit Review(ish): WHO IS MAUD DIXON?

Advertisements In which I do a rough courtroom sketch This won’t be a full review, as I’ve written for other, similar novels like Bunny and The Girls; I’m saving that for an Actual Publication I’ve spent some months trying to battering-ram my way into. (If I succeed, you’ll know.) But I can’t not comment hereContinue reading “Lit Review(ish): WHO IS MAUD DIXON?”

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