New Habits from Pandemic Me

Or, a year and a half in additions, subtractions, and alterations

  • Sending messages just to say hi when I think of people, with no expectation of a reply
  • Writing things down immediately when they cross my mind, meaning there are post-its all over my room & I sometimes wake up to a Notes app full of seemingly nonsensical phrases or a very strange voice memo
  • Using the royal ‘we’ (we love to see it)
  • Going on long walks, like an hour and a half to two hours at a time
  • Stopping myself, literally, from boarding a self-hating train of thought
  • Scheduling one thing I really want to do/treating myself to one activity I love every day
  • Wearing sunglasses anyplace that feels too bright, indoors included
  • Revisiting stories I wrote in my teens (the favorite so far features one character yelling to another in a crowded bar, and I quote, “now gimme some lip action!”)
  • Telling people when I need space
  • Experimenting with self-portraits
  • Creating songs by drawing on influences I didn’t realize were so important to me
  • Sleeping whenever I need to (a freelancer’s perks, I’ll admit)
  • Actually replying on Twitter when I feel I have something meaningful to contribute (‘meaningful’ can also mean ‘hilarious’)
  • Speaking of Twitter, reading threads that interest me all the way to the end, because I never know where the most pertinent or resonant information is going to be
  • Rebalancing, and overall reducing, my social media time
  • Journaling—not even about my feelings, usually just scenes, doodles, & disjointed thoughts
  • Indulging in small luxuries (lavender lotion, cucumber water)
  • Reminding myself that everyone is going through their own stuff and I have very little, if any, control over it
  • Drawing up the definitive master list of people I would invite to my celebrity dinner party
  • Organizing photos into archives of personal and family history
  • Reading aloud to myself
  • Letting hurtful stuff go, because I don’t have time or space for that
  • Quoting Vines I haven’t seen in years
  • Mailing physical letters & postcards
  • Deliberately and consciously saying thank you to a compliment or apology instead of deflecting (harder than you might expect—or maybe not)
  • Delivering stand-up routines in the mirror
  • Trying to be more spontaneous (is there anything less spontaneous than working on being spontaneous)
  • Playing dress-up
  • Just sitting in silence sometimes honestly

Published by Cecilia Gigliotti

Cecilia Gigliotti is a freelance writer/editor/musician/podcaster based in Berlin with a beloved ukulele named Uke Skywalker. Her free time goes toward dancing, reading books new and old, drawing cartoons, trying to finish her Netflix queue, and devoting too much thought to the foibles of her artist-heroes. Connect with her on Twitter (@CeciliaGelato) and Instagram (@c_m_giglio).

5 thoughts on “New Habits from Pandemic Me

  1. Writing things down immediately is such a great thing, because I always overestimate my ability to remember things, and barely five minutes would pass before I’d regret not writing that idea down. Thanks for this post!

    Liked by 1 person

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