In the Garage with the Revolver

Or, a breakdown

This is the last spiel about a record turning 55, I swear. It’s my boys and it’s maybe their greatest album (the case has been made) and it’s one I’ve come to really love as an adult and I had to.

Song I’ve loved from the start: “I’m Only Sleeping”

Song I returned to after doing some growing up and discovered just what I’d been missing: “Doctor Robert”

Song that in my darker moments makes me want to quit doing anything creative because it can’t possibly measure up: “Here, There, and Everywhere”

Song that I’m not that into but the bridge is cool: “And Your Bird Can Sing”

Song with the best riff: “I Want to Tell You”

Song that might have been the point at which the McCartney-ness began to go off the rails: “Good Day Sunshine”

Song that proved they were not gonna be cute and cuddly anymore: “Tomorrow Never Knows”

Song with a horn interlude which no one can hear over all the talk about “Penny Lane”: “For No One”

Song that I suspect is a portal to another dimension in the right circumstances: “Love You To”

Song that was fast growing on me anyway and then the demo made me Explode(TM): “She Said She Said”

Song that you can tell which artists have the best taste because they choose to cover it: “Got to Get You Into My Life”

Song that people forget is actually on this album: “Yellow Submarine”

Song that I find myself singing not infrequently: “Taxman”

Song that is perfect: “Eleanor Rigby”

Overall review: Sonically intimidating, melodies miles ahead of (almost) anybody else, sexy in unexpected ways. Gotta respect.

Image: 5 August 1966 on EMI

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