A POD SOUNDS special!

In which we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming

This past week on the pod I got my act together (well, the timing was somewhat planned, as we just finished the album portion of season 2) and released an episode I’d recorded back in mid-December. With our first-ever guest. Who isn’t a blood relative!

On this episode, “Justice for Rock & Roll Women,” I chat with Natalia Cardenas, host of the She Loves You Podcast and manager of the Instagram account @cynthialennondaily, about the Beatles and the many women in or adjacent to their lives. Natalia is a delight to listen to, so passionate and knowledgeable. She gave me two opportunities I realized I’d been seeking for a while: 1) to talk at length and in depth about the Beatles on the podcast; and 2) to talk to someone with a deep affection for Cynthia—that’s the lovely blonde you see in the photo, which I point out because there is a chance you don’t know her—about our evolving relationships to her over the course of our Beatles fandom. Well, and 3) to make a new Beatles friend, which I am never ever opposed to.

If I may, then: recommended Sunday listening. Kind of ideal Sunday listening, actually, as it provides a gateway to the Beatles, who are any-day-any-time listening. Putting together more episodes as we speak, but there’s quite a bit going on in my next few weeks, so if I make myself scarce on the web and the (air)waves until the end of February, it’s only because of all the ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.

Love & headphones—Cecilia

Image: from the Evening Standard

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