“Now and Then,” the last (lost?) Beatles song

Or, a rose by any other name So I want to talk about this song, which I called a Beatles song in the title for good old SEO purposes and because everyone is doing it. But I must confess to being somewhat disingenuous. I don’t think of it as a true Beatles song; it’s aContinue reading ““Now and Then,” the last (lost?) Beatles song”

An Improvised Quatrain on the Lennon-McCartney Songwriting Partnership

Possibly greater than Arlen and Harburg, Possibly greater than Rodgers and Hart, Possibly greater than Gershwin and Gershwin— Gosh, I don’t know where to start!   Thoughts on “Now and Then” coming soon.   Image: 1969 via AP

A POD SOUNDS special!

In which we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming This past week on the pod I got my act together (well, the timing was somewhat planned, as we just finished the album portion of season 2) and released an episode I’d recorded back in mid-December. With our first-ever guest. Who isn’t a blood relative! On thisContinue reading “A POD SOUNDS special!”

80 Years

In which I renew my vows I fell in love with John Lennon a few months after turning thirteen. This might not sound like much to people who grew up in an era when everyone and their cat classified themselves by their favorite Beatle, a question that echoes through subsequent generations. But it was pivotalContinue reading “80 Years”