Jesus Christ Superstore

Advertisements (obviously I wasn’t going to come up with a better title than that, and Glenn would approve) So my primary watching this winter was a sitcom that has been relegated to the second tier, below contemporary giants like Parks and Recreation, Community, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the last of which also features a principal namedContinue reading “Jesus Christ Superstore”

A Shot in the HEAD, A Tip of the (Green Wool) Hat

Advertisements In which the young generation is…still saying something I had reason to get the Monkees on the brain a couple months ago, so I wrote a post. I’ve had more reason since—reading Mike Nesmith’s autobiography Infinite Tuesday, catching references to them in The Queen’s Gambit—so here I am writing another post. Most of allContinue reading “A Shot in the HEAD, A Tip of the (Green Wool) Hat”

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