Jesus Christ Superstore

Advertisements (obviously I wasn’t going to come up with a better title than that, and Glenn would approve) So my primary watching this winter was a sitcom that has been relegated to the second tier, below contemporary giants like Parks and Recreation, Community, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the last of which also features a principal namedContinue reading “Jesus Christ Superstore”

Teen Tropes: A Cease-and-Desist List

Advertisements “YOUTHS.” : Schmidt, New Girl Hello, suckers. Welcome back. (That’s how Velma Kelly opens Act II of Chicago, for all you theatre freaks.) After racking up an array of shows and movies and also YouTube takedowns of the shows and movies, I have reached the limit of my tolerance for almost all visual mediaContinue reading “Teen Tropes: A Cease-and-Desist List”

A Shot in the HEAD, A Tip of the (Green Wool) Hat

Advertisements In which the young generation is…still saying something I had reason to get the Monkees on the brain a couple months ago, so I wrote a post. I’ve had more reason since—reading Mike Nesmith’s autobiography Infinite Tuesday, catching references to them in The Queen’s Gambit—so here I am writing another post. Most of allContinue reading “A Shot in the HEAD, A Tip of the (Green Wool) Hat”

The Prisoner Who Just Wanted Some Soup & the Man Who Refused to Give Him Some

Advertisements In which I review a groundbreaking play So goes the title of this slice of mid-aughts theatrical life—written by Sam Puckett, performed to intriguing effect by the playwright and her co-star Carly Shay on an episode of their equally iconic web series “iCarly.” The production is short and sweet, as was the playwright’s probableContinue reading “The Prisoner Who Just Wanted Some Soup & the Man Who Refused to Give Him Some”

38 Things I Love About NEW GIRL

Advertisements In which I take a leaf from a fictional Cece’s book and try being a little spontaneous So in between, you know, momentous global events of late, I am in fact catching the odd episode of a show or two. Having recently finished New Girl (again), I just had to expound on what makesContinue reading “38 Things I Love About NEW GIRL”

The Holiday Armadillo: An Origin Story

Advertisements In which a hero of diversity is born As the year’s end draws nigh and leaves me with little energy but for thinking, I find myself reflecting on my favorite seasonal stories. One of which, of course, is that of the Holiday Armadillo. It is common knowledge that the Armadillo was conceived by paleontologistContinue reading “The Holiday Armadillo: An Origin Story”

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